Warning: Exercise can be harmful if you are not properly conditioned or do not have correct exercise technique. You should only undertake the exercises shown here if you have been cleared by your GP and have received proper instruction in all of the techniques and exercises shown in these video's.

By undertaking these exercises, you accept that you do so at your own risk. Phoenix Personal Training and Wellness Studio cannot be held responsible for any injury or death which may occur as a direct or indirect result of your participation in these exercises. 

You can do each one of the video's on this page to get a quick StrikeZone workout no matter where you are!

StrikeZone is a unique martial arts to music group fitness class using of REAL martial arts movement, plyometric training for EXTRA effect and the use of WEAPONS!

StrikeZone Release 5- ultimate endurance

StrikeZone - Warmup Track

StrikeZone - Click here for the warmup track to follow!


StrikeZone - Track 02

StrikeZone - Click here for track 2 to follow!


StrikeZone - Track 03-04

StrikeZone - Click here for track 3/4 to follow!


StrikeZone - Track 06

StrikeZone - Click here for track 6 to follow!


StrikeZone - Track 09

StrikeZone - Click here for track 9 to follow!


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