For The Noobs :)


If you're new to working out or a little nervous about the whole thing read below!


What to Expect

You can choose to have personal training sessions and/or join in group classes!

Personal Training:

Your First personal session will start with a chat, possibly a measure and "before" picture if you would like one and feel comfortable enough. We'll talk about your previous experience, what your goals are, how often you are able to exercise (so that we can make a program) and we'll also ask how you're eating! If it's appropriate we will give you a food diary to check to help you stay on track with your eating each week!

What happens in your sessions will depend on your goals and what you want to get out of your sessions. If you want to be pushed hard and are at that fitness level where you can be, then we can push you hard! If you would rather ease into it then a kinder and gentler approach will be taken. We can structure it so that you are comfortable and reaching your goals!

You can have Personal Training Sessions with your friends!

Group Training:

Check out our timetable for current classes and descriptions. Our classes are different to the ones you get in gyms. We cater for a very wide variety of fitness levels! 

The Weight Loss Challenge is an excellent program for anyone who is a beginner, shy, over 50, with injuries, a new mum or pregnant, or in need of some rehab. It offers a calm and nurturing environment to make sure you feel comfortable in your new venture! This program will get you fit, strong and confident with good foundations to go even harder in your training without causing yourself injuries!


Once you are feeling confident and have acquired the strength and fitness you never thought you could, you can choose to move up to our Gladiator School where you will be pushed harder!


Of course if you're feeling hardcore already, you can start right in the hardcore with Gladiator School!


We also have all the favourites such as STEP, A Barbell Class, and Abs class which you can adapt to make as difficult or as easy as you would like. We also have some classes that we have developed ourselves such as StrikeZone, Strikezone Full Contact and PoleFit! 

Pole Moves and Martial Arts classes are available in terms where you can work your skills up from extreme beginner to pro over the terms!


But I'm not Fit Enough:

Contrary to popular belief, :P exercise is how you actually GET fit. You don't need to be fit in order to exercise! Any good trainer will make sure that you are working to a level that you are physically and mentally ready for, for the most efficient and long term way to reach your goals! Don't be scared if you've never done any sort of exercise before, you are most definitely not alone!

Everyone will be looking at me because I'm such a big N00b.

It's always daunting to join in a fitness class for the first (or second or third!) time. It feels like everyone knows each other and all the moves and you're standing there looking all unco and crap and unfit. It feels like the whole world is laughing at you. Here's some handy hints to make you feel more comfortable:

  • Stand at the back, that way the only person that can see you is the instructor so you wont feel so shy!
  • Let the instructor know it's your first time, they will make sure they give you options suitable to your situation
  • Everyone is feeling the same, the other guys may seem all confident, but they are either pretending not to be nervous, or were just as nervous as you when they started. The long and short of it is, they're much more worried about what you think about them than what they think of you. (Isn't that what they say about spiders too? :D)

A Little Background on Ammy!

I've been in the Fitness Industry for many many years. I competed in the INBA Figure Division and I have tried every different training method there is! Every fad diet! Made every mistake there is to make! And it was all my pleasure if it means I can help anyone else to not make them too :) After being through all that I am very confident about my training and eating methods and have had proven success with it for all body types, shapes and sizes and can't wait to help you get to where you want to be! You can trust in me! :D

Mental State

Sometimes the hardest thing about going to the gym is your headspace. There is a constant war going on in your head and sometimes coming to the gym is the hardest thing to prioritize in life! Even though we might not talk about it, a lot of us, a majority of us, are suffering with mental issues such as depression, social disorders, chronic shyness or just a random bout of down that comes from daily life! It is harder for us who have to deal with that on top of the lifestyle change that becoming fit requires of you, but it can be done! :D I am diagnosed bipolar, and I can't even count the amount of times just walking through the door of the gym seemed like an impossible feat, bursting into tears in the middle of the place or just coming in and not being able to do anything. You aren't alone feeling like that, I have been there and I really, honestly understand that isolation and hopelessness feeling that comes with that, but you're here and I know that means that you really want this, so we can get past those blocks together! AND as an extra added bonus, myself and many of my clients no longer need medication and instead use exercise and healthy eating (and sleep!) as a way to keep mental disorders at bay. It works. Trust me :)

Give me a call or send me an email with any queries - dont worry! We'll look after you :) And you are going to have a mass-load of fun :)


Ammy Phoenix

Mobile: 0410 651 669