Personal Training

Personal Training is the best way to get results with your health and fitness.

Your first personal session will start with a chat, possibly a measure and "before-picture" if you would like one and feel comfortable enough. We'll talk about your previous experience, what your goals are, how often you are able to exercise (so that we can make a program) and we'll also ask how you're eating! If it's appropriate we will give you a food diary to check to help you stay on track with your eating each week!

What happens in your sessions will depend on your goals and what you want to get out of your sessions. If you want to be pushed hard and are at that fitness level where you can be, then we can push you hard! If you would rather ease into it then a kinder and gentler approach will be taken. We can structure it so that you are comfortable and reaching your goals!

You can have a Personal Training Sessions with 2 or 3 friends!

You don't need to be fit to get a personal trainer. Personal Training is a fantastic way to get yourself into shape. We make sure that you exercise safely and in the right way to get the right results!

If you want an extra push, or have hit a plateau we can give you the help you need!


A bit about us!

(I don't like this trumpet blowing bit but! toot toot!)

We have many many years experience and many qualifications including:

Fitness Qualifications:

Since 1994...  years experience Personal Training Diploma in Fitness (That includes Cert III and IV) Certifications in various Fitness Australia approved courses including class styles such as Boxing, Shadowboxing, Spin, Trampoline, Yoga/Stretching/Core style, Suspension, and Circuit classes. Program Developers for: Strikezone, Joey Fitness, Shimmy, Jitterbugs, Gladiator School, Womens Self Defense, and our own Phoenix PT Studio Weight Loss Challenge We have been approved to train people as instructors by Fitness Australia Completed Freestyle instruction courses (on Step, Abs, ATB, and Barbel Classes) Competed in INBA Figure Division Nutrition Courses 20 years experience teaching Martial Arts Articles written and published in Roleystone Courier

Massage/Rehab Qualifications:

16 years experience in sports rehab Trigger Point Therapy Massage Remedial Massage Injury massage including, tennis elbow, shin splints, Deep Relaxation Massage Reiki Reflexology Rock-Tape Testimonials galore

Also we have a Diploma of Counselling and Cognative Behavioural Therapy to be able to help you further with the mental blocks that hold you back from reaching your goals, fitness or otherwise

I hope this has made you feel a little safer with us! We would very much love to meet you soon! 


ant knee

Anthony Phoenix

Anthony has been training people since 1994! Anthony's specialities are in sports specific training and injury rehabilitation. Anthony has almost 30 years experience as a martial artist and specialises in fitness programs tailored for athletes and sports people.

He is also all about helping you come back from your injuries and helping you manage pain, and is certified in countless different methods to keep you out of pain, and keep you beign able to exercise safely and as pain free as possible

Ammy Phoenix

Ammy wants to help you feel good about yourself.

"I know myself that there is not enough help out there for the mental blocks associated with exercising, and I believe, that the mental side of things are the biggest hurdle when trying to give yourself a new life!

I made Phoenix with the dream to make a place where people could go and exercise while feeling safe and comfortable, because when I was having a hard time, that's what I needed. I just want to help make it as easy as it can be for you."

As well as Cert III and IV In Fitness, Ammy has a Diploma in Councelling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and would love to meet with you for a chat anytime!

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