Lifestyle Challenge (Rise from the Ashes)

Personal training is our specialty! That is why we have made our super awesome Group Personal Training class, Rise from the Ashes!

This class is a 'lifestyle challenge', where you set the goal and we help you get there! The Rise from the Ashes group is set up specifically to cater for people who have injuries that need rehabilitation, people who are overweight, people who are suffering from depression or anxiety problems, people who are just starting out in fitness and people who are coming back after having time off from exercise and want a gentle start.

Our Lifestlye Challenge group works out to $35 per week, which is a total bargain for what you get!

The sessions run at our studio in Armadale on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 9:30am and Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm.

If you're interested, contact Ant on 0422 223 562 or alternatively, you can click the link here to sign up!


So, what do you get included with our Group PT Sessions?

  • 2x 1-hour Group PT Sessions per week (either morning or evening)
  • Mental health support and counselling
  • An ALL NEW "Levels System" for your Nutrition Journey! This system cuts out the bull, so you can have very clear and easy to understand guidelines for your nutrition! If you follow the simple checklist, you will advance to the next "Level". By the time you get to Level 4, your diet will be so good that you'll be getting results from your diet alone! Add that to your awesome workout and wellness program and you're on a sure fire winner!
  • A grading method for motivation Are you an 'A' student? This new grading method lets you see how you grade on a weekly basis! don't worry, you won't get 'told off' for not doing your homework! But at least you will be aware week to week of how your activities are effecting your progress! This means that you'll be more likely to keep to the behaviors that will get you the results!
  • Weekly homework! We have an awesomely programmed homework planner that gets emailed to you weekly! You get home workouts with audio files and PDF's EACH WEEK! On top of this are weekly articles on Nutrition and Body exercises to keep you on track!
  • Regular Fitness testing
  • Regular Measurements to keep track of results (every 4 weeks)
  • Food Diaries + Nutrition
  • Injury Rehab
  • Online Support Group
  • And MORE!!!!

So now that you know a little bit about what you get in the program, here is a success shot from one of our participants!

Testimonial Shainyn

This is Shainyn. Shainyn has not only smashed her goals, but she got so fit that her and her husband are about to have another baby! The awesome thing is that she's only six weeks away from popping and she's still going well and getting results in the program!

Go Shainyn!


For more info contact Ant on 0422 223 562


We asked for some goals etc from another one of our participants in the hope of motivating others to hit their goals.. Here is what Louise had to say!

Name: Louise!!

Why did you start at Phoenix? - I wanted to do something for myself. "Me time!" Also wanted to feel better about myself and and regain my fitness. Phoenix had a big pull card to me because of there being no contacts and I liked the kids room being visible from the main studio. My kids don't go to day care and have never been in a crèche before. Happy kids = happy mummy!

What is your short term goal? - to be able to do 5 full push ups! Pathetic I know but I've ALWAYS found them really tough and up until recently have never been able to do even 1!!!

What is your long term goal? -I'd like to drop another dress size. I've dropped 1 since starting at Phoenix but what the heck, I'll go for another!!!  Also I'd like to have more muscle definition. Not big butch style weight lifter type stuff but more sculptured maybe...... Hard as not measurable??

Food you are/have found hardest to curb/give up? - coffee and bread (lunch alternatives while on the go agh!!)

What is your guilty pleasure food? - Yoghurt! Yummo!!

What class do you want to try? - Functional circuit and HIIT.

Fav exercise to do? - Boxing.

Least fav exercise to do: - "Turkish get ups" as of today!! OUCHY!!! .... And of course full push ups!!

Fav song/genre to workout to? - don't think I've really got a favourite?? Anything up beat??