Gladiator School - group personal training

Gladiator School is a 6 week Group Personal Training program created by Anthony Phoenix.

What do you get when you sign up for Gladiator School?

  • 2x 1hour Group Personal Training Sessions per week for seven weeks!
  • A custom BATTLE PLAN to get your results!
  • Nutrition Support
  • Regular Measurements and Fitness Testing
  • Goal Setting
  • Advanced Exercise Programming
  • Home Exercise Prescriptions
  • Gym Programs (Full 6 days of programming)
  • Weekly Emails with nutrition tips/recipes, exercise tips and more
  • Food Diaries - custom dietary feedback and support

All of this and more with your sign up to the seven week program!

The Gladiator School program is not just another bootcamp, in fact, it's not a bootcamp! The program works on a seven week cycle. Each cycle of the program has exercises and programming aimed to target different aspects of your fitness!

The advanced way that we program the sessions means that you can achieve your goals in the most effective way possible, exercising as hard as possible without causing the injuries that can be suffered by other types of high intensity training.

We assess your fitness and measure your body every 3 weeks, giving you reports showing you exactly where you are succeeding and exactly where you need to focus your training.

You'll get food diaries, instruction on how to improve your technique, a general ass whooping for two group sessions per week and more!

If your interested, book your place by clicking the link above, or contact us for more info!

We now can take secure and easy online Registrations!

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Below is the weekly update for the people currently enrolled in Gladiator School

Well done on your assessments last week!

Nice work on your assessments last week peeps! We'll be giving you your feedback and progress reports this Thursday! Ant will be measuring everyone on Tuesday, so make sure you turn up! :)

I'd like to get everyone focused on their goals again and want to make sure we are all heading in the right direction, so this week I'm including homework in your mailout. The homework routines are very simple, only 15 minutes with a nutrition component! I've got the homework printed at the Studio too, so if you want to have a copy in your hand rather than on your phone or tablet, you can grab one from me!

This Term we are focusing on Sports Performance Training!

Pre Programming:

We have some peeps that have pre-existing injuries, knees, shoulders, back etc.. So the new Gladiator School program for this Term will have a pre-planned "options" workout for peeps who are suffering from these injuries.

In addition to this, injured Gladiators will get a home-rehab program to gently rehabilitate the injured areas. I'm hoping that our injured peeps can be a little more pain free by the end of this Term.

Sports Performance Training:
As requested by some of our Gladiators, we are going to focus on sports performance. Enhancing sports performance is a great way to hit other goals too, like toning up etc, as you will be able to push harder for longer and thus burn more in your workouts!

Be prepared for some pretty awesome core training and explosive workouts that will leave you sore for a few days...