Group Personal Training (Term Based Training)

For those wanting the Personal Training service but enjoy the group training atmosphere, or are working on a tighter budget, we have some excellent Group PT programs available for you!


The Phoenix Studio 12 Week Lifestyle Challenge

This group was designed to create and comfortable and friendly environment for people to work out in.  The people who take part in this challenge are all different shapes and sizes.  Everyone is encouraging and want to see you succeed every bit as much as you do!

The classes are catered for very beginners,  people with injuries,  people who are  nervous or haven't been exercising for a while,  or people who just really want that friendly environment but still seeing great results!

It costs $35 per week and you'll need to commit to 12 weeks.  If you are going away or something comes up to make you miss a week then we will give you passes to our Group Fitness Classes to make up for it. :) Don't worry we've got your back!


Of course if you're feeling hardcore already, then we recommend you can just jump straight in to:



The 6 Week Gladiator School

Gladiator School is a fantastic program that we have been running since 2011. This program has proven to be a most successful way to lose fat,get fitter, stronger and faster. We've had many participants set, and achieve goals to get killer SIX PACKS!

Gladiator School includes Food Diaries, Homework Diaries and goal Setting to make sure you are getting what you want out of your training.




ant knee

Anthony Phoenix

Anthony is a certifiedf and qualified Personal Trainer and holds a Diploma in Sports Science as well as qualifications in Remedial MAssage, Sports Massage, Yumeiho Therapy and Reiki.

He is the program creator of our currently running programs Gladiator School, StrikeZone Fitness, Pump it Up and Abs of Steel as well as a whole host of previously run fitness programs.

Anthony's passion fir fitness started as a child and he began instructing people in the martial arts in 1994.

This soon turned into personal training, in which capacity Anthony has been coaching people since 1998. Antyhony prides himself on helping people push themselves while having a great time doing it!

Ammy Phoenix

Will always give you options that you are comfortable with, while making a silly joke, making a noise like a chicken, or spinning like a ballerina - you know, standard stuff!

ammy hips


Chris Gleeson

That sparkle in his eye isnt christmas cheer! It's pure evil! Just kidding :) He just loves seeing you get results! And like to break everything down into easy-to-follow steps so you have maximum fun!


Jack (thye new guy) Sharp

Fantastic Form will help you understand how to get the most out of your exercises! Jack will also keep you entertained while pushing you, and keeping you inspired with how hard he works himself. You're going to love his classes!