Group Fitness Classes

We focus on FUN in our group fitness classes. FUN! We've worked hard creating group fitness classes that bring together the best elements of the most popular group fitness programs, whilst injecting elements of P.T programming to get REAL RESULTS!

These classes are completely casual, there are no joining fees, no membership fees. No hidden extra fees anywhere. Just come when you can and pay for what you use :)

There are also class passes available for your convenience!

Group Fitness Classes from $7.50


StrikeZone is a unique martial arts to music group fitness class using REAL martial arts movement, plyometric training for EXTRA effect and the use of WEAPONS!

Click here for a Video Demonstration! :)

Can't choose between an abs or legs? Por qu no los does? 30min for $7.50! This is perfect for beginners. 

STREWWTH! That's not an ab exercise THIS is an ab exercies! hehe. Improve your balance, control and heat up your ab game to the next level in only 30 minutes!


A range of different weighted and body weight exercises to target the whole body. Good for all levels beginner-advanced!


Pump It Up is an effective Barbell exercise class! This class is a MASSIVE calorie burner and, is a fantastic way to shape and tone your body. $7.50 for the 30 minute class and $15 for the hour long class.


Abs is an effective 30 minute ab class to tone your tummy and strengthen your core! Get ready for ROCK HARD ABS!


Our Boxing class is run by REAL BOXERS! With “actual” boxing technique, you get toned without you even knowing you're working hard at all


Step Aerobics is a tried and true way to exercise your body while having a whole lot of FUN! We run Step in an athletic style that is easy to learn without complex or confusing moves.

Click here for a Video Demonstration!


Dorky dancing is our most fun class by far! It's exactly what it sounds like - dancing like a dork!! With easy to follow moves to all your favourite songs, you won't even realise you're working out!


Your Group Fitness Instructors!

ant knee

Anthony Phoenix

Program Creator and Instructor with over 15 years experience. Prides himself on helping people push themselves while having a great time doing it!

Ammy Phoenix

Will always give you options that you are comfortable with, while making a silly joke, making a noise like a chicken, or spinning like a ballerina - you know, standard stuff!

ammy hips


Jack (thye new guy) Sharp

Fantastic Form will help you understand how to get the most out of your exercises! Jack will also keep you entertained while pushing you, and keeping you inspired with how hard he works himself. You're going to love his classes!