These guys have changed my life

I am writing to you with regards to two Personal Trainers, but before I go into my congratulations of the high excellence of training ability of these two trainers, Ammy & Anthony Phoenix, I would like to explain why I feel the need to show my gratitude.

Back in 2001 I competed in the IFBB State Bodybuilding championships under the banner of the (old) Shapes Health Club which saw me take out 3rd place. In 2003 I hurt my back seriously and was forced to stop training. Throughout my competition training days I was fortunate enough to have trained with the likes of Mike O'Mara, Paolo Caridis, Julie Keelly just to name a few. These people are very well known within the fitness industry and this is where I need to acknowledge the talent you have at the gym with both Ammy and Anthony Phoenix.

 When I decided to go back to working out (unfortunately I gained 65kg because of injury) I was told by a former competitor and friend to go and talk to Ammy. It took only about 30 min before I realised this woman really knows her stuff. I signed up for PT with Ammy.

 Since I started, I have trained almost every day and still do twice a week PT with both Ammy and Anthony and also do Mon/Wed Gladiators as well as Martial Arts on a Thursday night. Every time I train with these guys I am amazed at their knowledge and their understanding of injury prevention, training techniques and nutritional value advice. I would seriously like to commend the two of them. As previously mentioned I have trained with allot of top trainers and both Ammy and Anthony rate right up there with the best. It is nice to know that a local gym has 2 trainers of such a high calibre. Their friendly and accepting nature makes you feel really welcome and at ease (especially being a very big person a gym can be really daunting) with being around a gym atmosphere. Their support, encouragement and sense of humour is a breath of fresh air specially after having a crappy day at work.

They have changed my life around and will be forever grateful to them both.


 Thanks for taking the time in reading my testimonial.

Karen Auzins

Ammy and Anthony Phoenix

Going to the gym, I always thought it was the gym's atmosphere that made me feel like I belonged there, that it was the entire gym and it's employers.. But i was wrong; it was the smiles, the attitude and the enthusiasm of two outstanding personal trainers that kept me going. I didn't even know them well, but the dedication and determination they had towards their clients and classes (Strike Zone and Gladiator) was enough to keep me going. They could be doing a class of Strike zone in the sewers and they'd make it worth every second.


It didn't matter where they'd be, where you'd be doing your workout. Ammy and Anthony made every second, hard and meaningful work, but with so much passion and devotion to help you with your own personal goals, they offer so much help and guidance to ensure you're reaching your goal, whichever that may be. I had never met such amazing and inspiring people. Ammy, herself has helped me more than i can say about the lack of confidence i had for myself, but since i met her and gotten to know her, I've become so much more confident in myself and i thought that'd never happen.



Anthony, has taught me Self Defence, where I've learnt oodles of new techniques, even if i didn't quite understand, he'd never make me feel pathetic or like i was stupid, he'd do his best to ensure me that I'd get it correct. Not only that, But I personally had never felt comfortable around men, besides my partner. So Anthony and Ammy have helped me on so many levels with personal issues and of course, psychically as well. If it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be as open, free and content with myself as i am now, I'd no doubt be isolated with severe depression. I have everything to thank them for and i am grateful to have them in my life. So, if you have the opportunity to train or even speak to them, do it. You won't regret it, they've changed my life for the better.

Kristy Seddon

Blob no More

Were do I start with when it comes to the awesomeness of ant and ammy are more than likely the best 2 personal trainers I have ever met. 1 year ago I was a 130 kg waist of around 108 -112 cm and was a stationary blob sitting behind my computer desk. After moving to the Kelmscott area friends in the area told me to come down to the local gym were ammy and ant were doing the strikezone classes.


All I can say was.one class and I was hooked from the intensity and the fun-loving attitudes of both ammy and ant to the great cardio work out strikezone is you can get enough. After doing strike for 3 months I had lost 15kg and was down to 106cm waist (and that’s from doing 2 classes a week) signed up soon after for gladiator and mixed martial arts. Am now sitting around 110kg 98 waist so the blob has left and iam now getting stronger and healthier by the day all thanks to these 2 great people

Sam Edwards

Testimonial for Ant and Ammy Phoenix

When I decided to write a testimonial for Ammy and Ant I had so much to write and tell that it would have been impossible to sum up what incredible people these two are. When I started with Ammy I was one of those people that hated everything about a gym. This all went when I met Ammy on my first day - not only was she just absolutely gorgeous as a person but also made me feel like I was welcome in the gym. I am not going to lie and tell you that training is easy and is a walk in the park because it certainly isn’t. However if you want results in your fitness level, weight goals and overall wellbeing then Ammy and Ant are the people that will help you succeed. I was training 5 days a week with Ammy, and also visiting Gladiator School on alternating weeks (which is the most intense and rewarding training). Ant’s gladiator school is the craziest training I have done and is definitely the best sort of exercise that you will find outside of your PT sessions! After the first 12 weeks of training I had managed to drop 17cm off my hips, 12cm off my waist, 9cm off my butt and 15cm off my stomach – not to mention the 11kg and 4.3% body fat that I had lost as well. It was the first time in a very long time that I wanted to buy new clothes and look in the mirror, and it was all thanks to the most amazing and supportive person. Ammy is not only professional and supportive but is able to push you beyond what you think you can do to achieve the goals that you have always wanted!


After training with Ammy and Ant for a solid year now, I have conquered my fear of going to the beach, lost around 25kg’s and can now wear a size 10 and the most important  thing is, I finally have found the confidence that I had lost a long time ago. After a year with these two amazing and life changing people, I have completed the Stampede, Warrior dash and soon the Tough Mudder. I honestly cannot say enough great things about Ammy and Ant. Not only do I see Ammy on regular occasions during the week for some wicked training; she has also become my best friend.  I will never have enough words to say thank you for everything that they have done for me.

Georgia Hill

Highly Recommended!

I have no hesitation in recommending two awesome Personal Trainers  AMMY & ANT.

There are so many words to describe them – humorous, passionate, enthusiastic and highly dedicated.  The list is endless.

If it wasn't for my closest friend I would never have met a more genuine couple.  For one thing, I thought why and how could someone with severe osteo-arthritis and high blood pressure be able to train.  I could hardly walk without being in so much pain.  I am so pleased that with the personal training and nutritional advise I was receiving made a huge impact on my overall wellbeing.

I have very little pain and can actually sleep at night now, my blood pressure has dropped considerably.  My doc says don't stop,  what you are doing it's working.  

So I am forever grateful to two awesome beautiful people who have changed my life.

Liz Gorton

I Came Out Smiling

Over the past 10 months I have been sick and on horrible medications. I was told by my specialist to expect weight gain or at least to remain over weight for another 12 months before my body would start going back to normal. But with the help, guidance and encouragement of Ammy and Anthony Phoenix at Phoenix personal training studio I have proven him wrong. Thank you guys so much for helping me get through everything that has happened and to come out smiling. X X

Btw, you should start a testimonials file that people can look through and see how awesome you are at helping people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals  and I can be the first one in it!

Chloe Buckinham


I first met Anthony whilst bulking up to spar with the likes of Danny Green, Daniel Dawson etc. His charasmatic nature drew me to my first strikezone class which I found challenging and enjoyable due to being martial arts based and having a few black belts myself. After doing strikezone for a few months, curiosity got the better of me and I joined Gladiator School which was also run by Anthony. I find both classes physically and mentally challenging. Learning that Anthony was not only the instructor but the creator of both programmes inspires me to learn, challenge and push personal limits.

Whether a novice, competent or seasoned professional athlete .. this man will get results.

Do yourself a favour ... you can thank me later ;)



Weight Loss Challenge

Joining the Phoenix 12 week weight loss challenge is by far one of the best decisions I've made for myself. I've lost nearly 14 kilos in 8 weeks. I feel fantastic and I've regained a lot of my confidence. Ammy and Anthony have taught me how to exercise correctly, advised me how to eat healthy and most of all have inspired me to succeed and to not give up. You guys are truly amazing.

Melissa Aramini

new belief and strength in myself that I would never have thought possible

Hi, my name is Ashley Cozens and I am 27 years old. Since High school, I have always struggled with my weight. I’ve tried skipping meals and attempted to exercise at home, with some initial results but no long term ones.  I could never get in the right mind set to do something about getting fit and being healthy.  I consider my weakness to be more mentally then physically challenging, which I believe I have this notion of the mental wall. This makes it a lot harder for me to work out and eat healthier on my own – So I just gave up.  When I gave up, I was roughly 122 kilos and I had low self esteem and confidence, which I began to dislike of what I became, thought outsiders were judging me negatively and started to eat large proportions of fast food to make myself feel better – so I thought!!! 


The turning point I made the life changing decision then and there that enough was enough it was time to do something about it was when my clothes got tighter and tighter, my family doctor told me to lose weight or face diabetes and a high risk of receiving a heart attack and my one of my uncle’s constantly making impolite remarks about my weight.  Instantly I went and became a member of Shapes (now known as Genesis) last year and started to work out.  I lost 10kgs within my first year at the gym with the aid of a Personal Trainer who has now left the gym to further pursue his career in the WA Police Force. I needed to find another personal trainer that will whip me into shape due to my mental wall.  I was notify by the gym a man  and woman named Anthony and Ammy Phoenix from Gladiator School who were both considered excellent personal Trainers with a no nonsense approach that could help me to break down my mental wall and get me into shape. 


Since training with Anthony and Ammy, my whole attitude towards exercise and myself has changed. I have accomplished things I never thought possible. Don’t get me wrong, it was bloody hard at first, but now I actually look forward to our two personal training sessions every week and two group fitness gladiator school sessions. I have noticed a huge change in my attitude, health and endurance – the first session I thought I was going to die, but three weeks after our initial session I completed 500 kms under 1:40 minutes on the rowing machine – something I would never have even thought of 6 months ago. I have lost over 14kgs in the first 10 weeks, I have gone from wearing a size 40 jeans down to a size 32 and I feel awesome!


During our training sessions, Anthony and Ammy are always very supportive and encouraging, always knowing how far to push and never had me doing anything they didn’t feel I’m capable of. Anthony and Ammy have given me a new belief and strength in myself that I would never have thought possible and I am extremely grateful for that!


In conclusion, I would like to specially thank Anthony and Ammy from Gladiator School for being so supportive, guiding and helping me how to lose weight, how to eat right and love myself again and changed my outlook of myself to be more confident and love the skin I am in.  I am looking forward to getting fit in Anthony and Amy’s new studio J


Ashley Cozens

If there is a beginning there has to be an end.

When I first met Ant at the gym, I was terrified of him. He always smiled, was polite and engaging. His sheer fitness, and what he does with other clients had me quaking in my boots. 

 I am not the normal run of the mill client, but have all the same necessary needs - loose weight, get your health back .. But how do you do this when your body is in 24/7 pain. I have cocktails of pain meds, and my resilience to life has dwindled to a shadow of my former self. Due to major trauma, I developed PTSD and fibromyalgia. 

 Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the psyche that occurs as a result of a severely distressing event. When that trauma leads to posttraumatic stress disorder, damage may involve physical changes inside the brain and to brain chemistry, which changes the person's response to future stress. No exercise was going to convince my mental stats that my pain will reduce. Everything I did, made everything worse.

 Catch: my PT (personal trainer) had to reduce is hours in training and consequently left the gym. I still am grateful for all he has done.

 thank you. I approached Ammy after high recommendations, she was happy to take me on, but persuaded me that Ant would be better suited for me as he greater integrated knowledge in regards to rehab. 

 Only last year did I have a complete shoulder replacement. Not one bone in that area is mine, only metal and plastic. I have not used my shoulder, or my arm for nine years At my first session, I was frank, and mentioned how I felt. Terrified. 

 He just smiled. His motivation and belief was for the two of us. I was stunned how he could keep me going when I had nothing to give. Ant has succeeded in something that I didn't dream of. Believing.

 Thanks to him and Ammy. I am moving, using and gaining strength daily. I am doing martial art moves I thought I never be able to do again. I am completely off my cocktail of painkillers, despite still having a major journey in front of me - my hurdles are becoming less. 

 I have joined Ammy weight loss challenge, beginning next week. I am fired up. 

 I know that I could not do this on my own - they were there every step of the way.

 A personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Trainers also measure their client's strengths and weaknesses - do you want to have the best? 

 Don't look any further. Both Ammy and Ant have embraced me into their 'family', I am honoured and feel that I belong .. They are there all the way, for me .. For others .. And for you.

Christine Wynhorst

The I.T Guy

Ever since the day i met Ammy at the studio my life has been completely transformed, i have struggled with weight and social anxiety issues, The Phoenix family has helped me not only lose weight and gain some muscle definition but their constant good nature and willingness to listen has gotten me to start dealing with anxiety.

I can now feel confident in groups and know it isn't hard to get into fitness with such great people backing me up.

Whether chilling out or working out i love this place.

Dave Gillham

I wouldn't be where I am today without Ammy and Ant.

They have taught me a zillion things about nutrition, physiotherapy and training hard at the gym! Deciding to train with Ant and Ammy was the best decision I have made for myself! I love them so much and am so incredibly thankful!!

Lana Baker

Feeling Great

I started at Phoenix a few months ago for the 12 week challenge. I was made redundant with work as well as struggling with anxiety and depression issues. I never wanted to leave the house or let alone my room. I decided to try the 12 week challenge by myself as a friend of mine pulled out just before we started which was quite daunting for me as I'm quite anxious meeting new people. Ammy, Ant and Mandy have made me feel comfortable from the start and have shown me a lot of great techniques, given me encouragement and support. I now enjoy doing strike zone, personal training and 12 week challenge classes every week. I have lost a dress size since starting with Phoenix and I'm feeling like my confidence is coming back and I love coming into the gym.Thanks to the Phoenix team for all your encouragement, support and phoenix love with helping me achieve my goals.


Completely Changed My Life

I have struggled my entire life with pain, dislocations, fatigue, low blood pressure, depression and anxiety. I have a condition called Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS), or type 3 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) I was finally diagnosed with the syndrome after many years of misdiagnoses, specialists and tests. At the time I was working as a trainee Vet Nurse in a Vet Hospital, and this aggravated my condition, my specialists and physio said if I didn’t stop my line of work I would be in a wheel chair within two years. Vet nursing was my dream job but it was taking its tole, I could not even pick up a kettle full of water, or drive a car, never mind lifting and holding the animals, and standing for long hours in surgery. So I gave my dream job up and spend another few years in physio, this helped but not much and not for long. So I started going to the gym. This Is where I first found Strikezone (Anthony’s class) my husband was doing it and tried to get me to come along but I was too nervous in case I fell (something I did often due to by over stretched joints and lack of collagen) and then there was Anthony who I was a little scared of at first…id watch him through the doors during a class, he was loud, he’d do all sorts of crazy jumps and spin kicks, and I thought to myself he is just was way too much for someone like me. Later on though my husband introduced me to Anthony after a class and we spoke about my JHS, I told him for me dislocations are common along with a long list of other things. And to my surprise he knew what is was, and asked what joints where affected. All of my joint are but I showed him a few party tricks I can do with my arms and so he wanted to experiment :P lol. He put me in an arm lock to see if I could get out…I did. And he said i should do martial arts and assured me it would be ok for my condition. So I went to the next Strikezone class, after that you could say the rest is history. I loved it! I was seriously unco and unfit but Anthony made the class fun and was always looking out for me, giving me help when needed. I was really benefitting mentally and physically, I felt much stronger than I was and was coping better with my pain. I was well and truly hooked, so I started doing one on one martial arts training with Anthony, Gladiator school, and PT’s with the beautiful Ammy, who i meet during our strikezone classes and we became friends.

I was really making progress now, I started thinking about returning to Vet nursing. Something that I was told by everyone, doctors, and physiotherapists I would never be able to do again. I wanted to talk to Anthony about it, since he helped me so much already, more than anyone else has been able to and I valued his opinion. And he without hesitation said absolutely, and he will help me all the way. This was very overwhelming for me after so many years of people saying I couldn’t, I finally had someone who was actually helping me and completely changing my life around. According to doctors I should be in a back brace or a wheel chair but because of Anthony and Ammy I’m not only free from a wheelchair but I am studying to become a personal trainer. Whilst trying to help myself get control over my body and back to doing vet nursing with Anthony and Ammy, I discovered just how much I love fitness and if I can help people the way Anthony and Ammy have helped me it would mean so much.  

I will always have JHS but I have come so far. I went from needing my husband to pick me up out of bed in the morning, falling over at least once a day and dislocations at least once a month…to only having 2 dislocation in the last 2 years, I very rarely have falls, I’m depression free, and I’m doing things I was never capable of before. And it is all thanks to these two amazing people, they have been truly inspirational, kind, generous, and have completely changed my life. You cannot go wrong with Anthony and Ammy Phoenix J  

Helen Whyte