No Membership Fees!! No Lock In Contract!!

At Phoenix you only pay for the things you want!! This makes effective result driven training the most affordable it has ever been! Wanna do some casual Group Fitness Classes a few times a week? Sure thing! Wanna comit to an entire term of training? Okay! What's more, if you buy a term of training and can't make it to all the sessions, we can make it up with passes to our Group Fitness Classes! Woohoo!

We have one-on-one PT Sessions from as low as $33 per session! The cheapest out there with highly experienced trainers!

Group Fitness classes are as low as $7.50 per session!

See below for class descriptions and prices!

Casual Group Fitness Classes!! - $7.50 for 30 min class, $15 for an hour!


StrikeZone is a unique martial arts to music group fitness class using REAL martial arts movement, plyometric training for EXTRA effect and the use of WEAPONS!

Click here for a Video Demonstration! :)

Can't choose between an abs or legs? Por qu no los does? 30min for $7.50! This is perfect for beginners. 

STREWWTH! That's not an ab exercise THIS is an ab exercies! hehe. Improve your balance, control and heat up your ab game to the next level in only 30 minutes!


A range of different weighted and body weight exercises to target the whole body. Good for all levels beginner-advanced!

$7.50 for a 30 minute class.


Pump It Up is an effective Barbell exercise class! This class is a MASSIVE calorie burner and, is a fantastic way to shape and tone your body. $7.50 for the 30 minute class and $15 for the hour long class.


Abs is an effective 30 minute ab class to tone your tummy and strengthen your core! Get ready for ROCK HARD ABS!


Our Boxing class is run by REAL BOXERS! With “actual” boxing technique, you get toned without you even knowing you're working hard at all!


Step Aerobics is a tried and true way to exercise your body while having a whole lot of FUN! We run Step in an athletic style that is easy to learn without complex or confusing moves.

Click here for a Video Demonstration!


Dorky dancing is our most fun class by far! It's exactly what it sounds like - dancing like a dork!! With easy to follow moves to all your favourite songs, you won't even realise you're working out!

Group Personal Training - $35 per week!


This 12 week challenge provides you with everything you need to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle! We welcome ALL sizes and goals and cater to ALL levels of fitness.

Includes: 2x 1 hour group personal training sessions per week, food diaries, a progressive weekly homework program, an ALL NEW and UNIQUE nutrition system, mental health support, online support group and rehab and injury management in a caring and welcoming environment.



This 6 week challenge is for the hard-core fitness lovers! Gladiator School combines boxing and muay thai workouts with explosive plyometrics, Rope workouts, weights workouts, endurance and HIIT for a super effective way to take your fitness to the next level! 

Includes: 2x 1 hour group personal training sessions per week, weekly homework routines, nutrition support, regular measurements, regular fitness tests to map your progress AND MORE!

 Click here for a video demo!


We also offer group PT sessions where you can train with your friends and family! You pick the time and split the cost between you! Only $66 for a 30 minute session. Bargain! 


Term Programs

MARTIAL ARTS (adult) $16.50 per session for 12 weeks!

Our classes combine multiple martial arts styles such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Jui Jitsu. Our senior instructor has over 30 yrs experience. Train either once or twice a week.

Do you have another family member that wants to join? Take advantage of our family discount! Only $11 per person per session! That's a saving of over $5 per session! Woohoo!

Click here for a demo of one of our Katas


 POLE FITNESS $149 for a 6 week BEGINNER term!

A fun way to get fit and strong! Surprise yourself with how strong you can become and have fun at the same time! It’s very addictive. Ask us for a trial!

Click here for a video demo! :D


Kids Programs

LITTLE MONKEYS $16.50 per session for 10 weeks!

A fun way to exercise with what is essentially a vertical monkey bar! Increase their flexibility, strength, coordination and confidence! The classes are run similarly to a gymnastics class.


KIDS MARTIAL ARTS  $16.50 per session for 10 weeks!

We have Kids Classes that not only teach discipline, but are a great way to improve your child’s co-ordination and attention span! Last term we placed a great emphasis on anti-bullying, which we will be continuing this term throughout all of our kids classes.

Do you have another family member that wants to join? Take advantage of our family discount! Only $11 per person per session! That's a saving of over $5 per session! Woohoo!



A live concert for the kids! Kids can sing along and do actions and be entertained and have a lot of fun! Parents are welcome to stay right by their side! Any age is welcome!

Click here to see a video of the class! :D

And one more for good luck! (Video demo)