Our Group Exercise Membership entitles you to unlimited access to all of our Group Fitness Classes! (classes marked in yellow) Our Group Fitness is second to none! Our Group Exercise classes are structured to get you more than just a workout, we will get you real results!

Our memberships are short term, 12 week memberships with absolutely no lock in and super easy opt outs, no uncomfortable or time consuming "exit interviews" or phone calls from "membership consultants" It's all about giving you the freedom to make fitness work for you!

Our 12 week membership entitles you to unlimited acces for all of our casual group fitness classes!

Event Date 01-01-2017
Event End Date 27-09-2025
Registration Start Date 25-12-2016
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 1
Cut off date 27-12-2025
Individual Price $180.40

Our 6 Week Fitness Challenge entitles you to UNLIMITED Group Fitness Classes as well as a full 6 weeks of Nutrition Planning specific to your body type! We don't believe in these generic meal plans that are floating around, so we thought we'd go one better and customise meal plans for your age, height sex and body type! You also get our Nutrition Education guideline, to help you make informed decisions about your food and help get you off the training wheels of a meal plan! You'll also get measurements and a fitness test so that you can see your results! :)

Event Date 29-05-2017
Event End Date 08-07-2017
Registration Start Date 21-05-2017
Capacity 15
Registered 0
Available place 15
Cut off date 28-06-2017
Individual Price $139.00
$139.00 15

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