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The Guideline gives you homework and articles to help you follow the following eight steps!

Step 1: Record your current diet
Step 2: Refine your current diet
Step 3: Macro’s and calories
Step 4: Labels and Macros continued
Step 5: Eating to improve gut health
Step 6: Eating to improve hormone function
Step 7: Refined diet to exclude chemicals
Step 8: Monitor and where to go from here

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Healthy Gelato - Donna Turner's Recipe

Desert often gets missed when we are trying hard to be healthy, but desert is a huge part of social gatherings in our society. While there are many recipes out there for 'healthy' deserts, they often contain high doses of honey to sweeten them up and give them their desert status. Here is a recipe that maintains an all natural, simple and raw approach whilst having no added sweeteners!


  • Approximately 1/2 frozen banana

  • 1/2 cup frozen raspberries

  • Pulp of a whole fresh passion fruit

  • A tiny bit of oat milk to help bring it all together


Mix it all together and freeze! Pretty easy hey?!

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