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The Guideline gives you homework and articles to help you follow the following eight steps!

Step 1: Record your current diet
Step 2: Refine your current diet
Step 3: Macro’s and calories
Step 4: Labels and Macros continued
Step 5: Eating to improve gut health
Step 6: Eating to improve hormone function
Step 7: Refined diet to exclude chemicals
Step 8: Monitor and where to go from here

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Water and Exercise!

Water is really really really really really really important..... seREALLYously!

It’s even moar important when you're excermacising! Usually when you exercise you sweat, and this water needs to be replaced! Most mature adults lose about 2.5 to 3 litres of fluid per day... the ones that DONT exercise!

Drink something! And by something, I mean water!

You can go without eating for 100 years (exaggeration), but you can only go without water for days (literal). Your bodily functions stop without water. This can cause serious injury and death! (It sounds like i’m still being silly but that’s actually totally legit – you can become very broken, get sicker more often, and get injured more easily, just by not drinking enough water!)

Guess how many calories water has... that’s right! ZERO! How many other things can you eat that makes you full with zero calories? That’s right! ZERO :D But how much do we need to pay for this miraculous wonder substance? Water doesn’t come out of taps you know! ... ZERO! (well... the water rates) Aaaanyway! :D

When you feel like any other drink, try having water! Try it! Just for a week :D see how you feels!

The following info is taken directly from Kidney Health Australia (no cred to the Amminator)


keep a jug of water in the fridge

ask for a bottle of water for your table when dining out

drink one for one - a glass of water to an alcoholic drink

add lemon, lime or orange to add zest to your water

try substituting a second cup of coffee or tea, with a glass of water

take a bottle of water with you wherever you go, especially when travelling

suck on ice-cubes in hot weather (please note, this is not the same as sucking eggs). You can find Ice cubes almost anywhere that ice cubes are stored... Especially easy to find when sailing near where the Titanic proved that Leonardo DeCapricorn has some acting ability.


Dehydration is just a special Jamaican word for the fluid level in your body being too low. So, all you have to do to not be dehydrated is to rehydrate! (now who’s using special words) You have to be able to hear your body telling you when you’re thirsty, which unfortunately is becoming more and more difficult on account of us all being so busy all the time. Stopping what you’re doing to go get a glass of water is seriously difficult in this day and age. I am actually too lazy to get one right now as we speak!  Ok ok I’m going :P

Listen to your body if it’s telling you these things:

Ow my head hurts, hmm my lips are cracked! Wow my urine is dark coloured! And so on and so forth.

Those are pretty big clues, but you’d be surprised what you don’t listen to when you’re busy :)

SCARE TACTIC (all fact!)

If you do not have enough fluids to keep your body hydrated, eventually urination stops and your kidneys will fail. The body can’t remove toxic waste products and in extreme cases, this may result in an acute case of death.

You can become dehydrated for a billion reasons including

increased sweating due to hot weather, humidity, exercise, or fever

increased output of urine due to a hormone deficiency, diabetes, kidney disease, or some medications.

diarrhoea or vomiting

recovering from burns

not drinking enough water

living in a desert

In conclusion I conclude that most of us should drink more water, and those that are drinking enough, GOOD JOB YOU ROCK! :D CONCLUDED

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