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The Guideline gives you homework and articles to help you follow the following eight steps!

Step 1: Record your current diet
Step 2: Refine your current diet
Step 3: Macro’s and calories
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Step 5: Eating to improve gut health
Step 6: Eating to improve hormone function
Step 7: Refined diet to exclude chemicals
Step 8: Monitor and where to go from here

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Yay for Christmas!

We all love Christmas, it's a time for spending time with the most cherished people in our lives, spreading cheer and the spirit of giving! What a wonderful time of year!! BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTT

Along with this wonderful time of year also comes lots of treats like Christmas pudding, chocolates, lamingtons (nom nom nom, my old favourite!), roasted and delicious big portioned meals and not last but usually not least alcamahol! Mmmmmmm!!!! :D It is so hard to say no at this time of year because after all it is the festive season, and how do us Western civilisationers celebrate best? By consuming lots of the things listed above of course! Again nom nom nom!!! :)

Sooooooooo, you are thinking, "Mandy, we all know all this. There is going to be lots of bad stuff and I'm going to get so fat, how is this article helping me!?"
I promise that you can still have an awesome, festive time, indulge and still be pretty darn good! :)

Here are some strategies I have set up for myself that I really think will help you guys manage the traditional festive over indulgence. :)

If you know you have dinners or outings with family and friends then use these times as your treat times and keep up your awesome eating when you aren't out and about over Chrissy.

It's kinda like setting a time frame for your treats, "if I eat amazingly well all week then on Sunday night I can have a treat meal." That kinda deal! Try and keep the treats to meals (apart from X-Mas day, that day is a black hole and doesn't exist in the weight loss world) .

Also, if you are eating out, try and choose a healthier (but still uber awesomely yummy) alternative. There are so many amazing alternatives available at so many places these days that I believe that you will be able to find that something that is both pretty nutritionally awesome but also delectably delicious! :)
Another point to be made is that over indulgence can be so hard to steer clear of; the best advice I can give you here is listen to your body. If you feel full, simply stop eating. :) Then the brain pipes up and says "Buuuutttt, it's just soo yummy, you can't stop now!". Just tell your brain to get stuffed, coz your tummy is! :)

Plan some time to do some exercise. Even something as simple as going for a walk can do the world of good for both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Your support group, friends and/or family may even want to get together and do some workouts somewhere, all you need to do is ask the question.

Last but not least, don't punish yourself. I think this may be the most important part of this article. Know that you aren't going to be eating at your peak over this period of time and also know that beating yourself up for over indulging isn't going to do you or anyone any good. Accept the fact that you will be as good as you possibly can be over the next few weeks, with some hiccups along the way I am sure. This is completely ok and give yourself permission to be ok with it and forgive yourself if you are a little naughty. :)

When you are back at Phoenix PT Studio in the new year, you will be ready and revving to get back to it because you are all amazingly awesome and motivated. We are so proud of how far you have all come and know that you can handle whatever hurdle is put in your path.

All these points can be used for any special occasion times as well; utilise all the tools you have at your disposal. If you have a support group, talk to them, let them know how you are feeling. I promise there is someone that can either sympathise or help. :)

So enjoy, be merry and be nice to yourself! :D

As always, we are happy to help anyway we can. :)

Lots of festive love, Mandy :D Xoxoxo

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