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The Guideline gives you homework and articles to help you follow the following eight steps!

Step 1: Record your current diet
Step 2: Refine your current diet
Step 3: Macro’s and calories
Step 4: Labels and Macros continued
Step 5: Eating to improve gut health
Step 6: Eating to improve hormone function
Step 7: Refined diet to exclude chemicals
Step 8: Monitor and where to go from here

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Food Plans and Why I Personally Don’t Like Them

You know me, I hate sounding like I’m putting down other peoples programs and things, but there’s so much about food plans that just don’t maths! Most of them restrict everyone (EVERYONE) to a 1,200 calorie diet. For a lot of us, who eat over the Daily recommended amount anyway, this is a severe calorie drop. Quite honestly, this would be a big drop even for me! A drop like this causes you to go into starvation mode, which, although you may lose weight at first, is not going to do you much good long term.

Speaking of long term! How long do you think you can keep up a diet plan where you eat what you read and you read what you eat? You’re not a robot! Sometimes people are going to come over for dinner, sometimes you’re going to go out to the movies. Life happens, and in our society, that means that food is pretty much always going to be involved! And that’s ok! And should be ok! And your lifestyle should allow for some fun every now and then. If you’re not having fun, it doesn't really matter how ‘thin and beautiful’ you are, you’re not gonna be happy! If you’re one of those people who never ever eats anything but exactly what they are prescribed, then of course! Eat good all the time! But you aren't the majority and that’s another reason I feel like blanket food plans are not ok.

I know as well, that sometimes having something strict to follow can make it easier, or even just give you healthy eating ideas, so here is one for you! Just please don’t feel like if you make one mistake that everything is ruined, :) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming :) ok? :)

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