Alcohol and Fitness
Alcohol is a big part of some people’s lives! And it makes it very hard to lose weight or have enough energy to exercise keep fit and gain muscle. We all know that already though :) What might help a little is knowing Why?
FAT STORAGE So because your body feels a ‘poison’ or ‘toxin’ come in, it halts all other functions to rid your body of it. This means that your body is not absorbing any energy from anything you’re currently eating and drinking, your metabolism grinds to a halt and your body goes into Red Alert.
Because of this theres no way your system can break food into energy as normal, so it stores it all nicely “Lets save this for a rainy day!” as bodyfat for more permanent storage. WEEEEEEE!!!!
BROKE THE SEAL! Alcohol also causes water loss and dehydration, which reduces your magnesium, potassium and other electrolytes important for maintaining proper muscle function! CALORIFFIC Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and offers NO nutritional value. These are empty calories! You could have eaten something yummy and huge and been healthier! :)
ZZZZZZZ It might seem like alcohol helps ya sleep, but its a terrible sleep :) Not only does that mean that your body can’t repair that night, but it is considerably more likely that you’ll eat bad the next day! :) (Cause you’ll be knackered, and grumpy.. and hungry)
LETS GO GET A KEBAB! :D Alcohol stimulates your appetite! Even though you’ve drank a billion calories you might not feel full. And then, because you’re less inhibited (and quite frankly just don’t care that that point) your will to eat healthy is severely weakened. And then of course all you want to eat is something greasy! And oops appetite is stimulated! So you’re gonna eat lots of bad stuff! D:
THE DAY AFTER You energy levels are going to be understandably low. Sometimes that lasts a fair while (come on, we’re not young anymore :P SPEAK FOR YOURSELF AMMY! Hehe) So when you do exercise, you’re not going to be able to exercise at the capacity you would be able to if you hadn’t drankded.
Heres an idea of how calorific alcamahol is:

So whether you’re goal is weight loss, fitness, or muscle gain, Alcohol munts it. However, it is a big part of the Australian culture and its very hard to be social and not have a drink or two. So just like your special food treats, allow yourself an alcohol treat! As long as you eat good 80% of the time, you’re still going to be on track  And you totally deserve to have a little break :)

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