Depression and how it’s connected to Exercise!

Sometimes coming to the gym is the hardest thing in the whole world. Heck, sometimes just getting out of bed sucks the big one and seems like an impossible feat. On those days exercise and looking after yourself is usually the farthest thing from your mind, but it’s on those days where you will probably benefit most from dragging yourself up and out there!

Depression in a nutshell! (HELP! HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS NUTSHELL?)
Sometimes people get sad, and people that haven’t been depressed think that that’s what depression is! In reality the feeling sad is a small part of depression, it is a serious condition that actually warps your thoughts and creates a new reality inside your head. This means that people who are depressed are likely to truly believe the negative thought patterns and also believe that life always was, and always will be that way.

Why does exercise seem so unpossible? >:(
Depressed people are more likely to exercise less (around half as much) as non depressed people. This is a bit of a spiral because you don’t do stuff so the depression gets worse, then you are less likely to do stuff!

Stupid brain! Just snap out of it!!!!
Hey!!! Don’t be mean to yourself! Seriously you treat yourself way worse than you’d treat anyone else. Be nice! You can’t just snap out of it. You might as well tell someone who has cancer to just stop having cancer! Don’t you think you would if it was that easy? *hugs*

But its too hard and I don’t wanna!
I’m hoping here that telling you all this stuff will get your brain the info it needs to help you make it out that door and to the gym! But if not, send any one of your Phoenix Phamily a message. We are all really intimately familiar with Depression and we know exactly what you’re going through, even though at the time it feels like no one could possibly understand. We understand! And we want you to feel better!

Physical activity causes your brains pleasure centres to be stimulated and leads to feelings of wellbeing. Some research (and my own personal experience) has shown that exercise can be every bit as effective as other treatments like medications to relieve depression and anxiety. 

Dont believe me? Ask the dishes!! (And beyondblue)
Apart from changes in brain activity, other things that may help explain the benefits of exercise include:
The person experiences a boost to their self-esteem because they take an active role in their own recovery. Some forms of exercise, such as group training, are also social events. Physical activity burns up stress chemicals, like adrenaline, which promotes a more relaxed state of mind. An enjoyable bout of exercise may be distracting enough to break the vicious cycle of pessimistic thinking. maintenance of healthy weight improved muscle tone.

The hardest part of everything is asking for help! I will keep reaching out so you know I’m right here but otherwise:
Your Phoenix Phamily!

Your doctor

beyondblue 24 hours 7 days a week helpline Tel. 1300 22 4636

beyondblue support service - web chat

Lifeline Tel. 13 11 14

Kids Helpline Tel. 1800 55 1800

SANE Mental Health Information Line Tel. 1800 18 SANE (7263), weekdays 9 am to 5 pm

Lets stay safe and happy happy joy joy times forever! :D
Lots and lots of love from Ammy!

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